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Liaison Graphics :: my love affair

- welcome to the shiny! -

→ [ sweet obssession ] ♣ ;;
9 September
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; a graphical love affair ;
LIAISON [french; n.] - (def.) love affair

- by other definitions, this journal, which belongs to Maia and serves as her graphics dump. Affiliates are most welcome, graphics requests are entertained. Since this is a graphics LJ, I rarely add anybody to my f-list. You CAN, however, friend this LJ if you need updates on graphics or if you want to bother me with requests. :P Please remember that thievery is an offense so I would appreciate credit where it is due. Please do not take any of the graphics and claim them as your own elsewhere.

For those who may stumble upon this journal and have provided me resources for my graphics, I apologize if I can't remember who you are. I had a list once of all my resources, but I forgot to back up my computer and lost all my files. D: Please leave a comment and let me know so I can give you credit.

I can make:
- banners
- icons
- layouts
- mood themes (if I get motivated enough, yes, I will make mood themes!)
- wallpapers

I can't do cartwheels though, sorry. xD
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